Construction sites have been spotted all over the Soufriere town, in keeping with UWP candidate representative, Herod Stanislas’s promise.

In his first term, Herod has managed to complete numerous projects, such as the rehabilitation on the Soufriere hospital, transformation of the Sulphur Springs; taking it from one pool to four concrete pools. Expansions on various schools, Road constructions and so much more,  in his aim to make Soufriere town the most attractive town in St. Lucia. The MP along with his mayor,  Pius Gangardine, was featured on the ‘Champagne in the Morning’ Show on June 11th  2021, showcasing a variety of photos of completed, ongoing and future projects in his constituency.

Mr. Herod further elaborated on Zeno’s road construction saying that Ministry of Infrastructure said it was almost impossible  and  expensive to clear a landslide that happened in 2010 during Hurricane Thomas.  As a result access to this road was restricted. The UWP candidate has miraculously accomplished that impossible task in 2019, making the road accessible to residence and especially farmers.

The UWP candidate went on further stretching the elasticity of our anxiety with his plans for the next term. Herod said that in the upcoming election he will be elected by the biggest margin and will continue working for the people of Soufriere.


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