The Department of Forestry held a prize giving ceremony for the winners of the world’s forest and water day competition. The competition forms part of an effort to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources.

To qualify for the competition, persons were required to photograph themselves in an eco-system and give a brief description on how it contributes to their life.

Chief forestry officer Alwin Dornelly stated, “The forest is not just there for our survival. We don’t exist in isolation of the wild life, the other resources that depend on the forest. We all form that network where we depend on each other within that broader eco-system.”

Director of the Water Resource Management Agency, Jason Ernest, urged participants to continue to sensitize the public on the importance of protecting our natural resources.

He said, “I see you guys as being ambassadors for your households, for your family, friend and for your communities to spread the message that we need to continue to protect our resources because it is very finite in St Lucia. It’s Limited and we should be aware of that. We realize that right now you see a lot of indiscriminate dumping of waste of refuse into our water systems and this is where our water supply comes from. This is very critical that we protect it.”

The South East Coast Project were the sponsors of the prizes that were awarded to the winners of the competition. The prizes included Samsung tablets and cell phones.



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