Wednesday 30th June marks the 17th anniversary of the inscription of the Pitons Management Area on the UNESCO World Heritage site. On this occasion, the

The Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO is pleased to announce support from UNESCO to facilitate the updating of the PMA Site Management Plan. This support forms part of an important initiative by the UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean is to assist Caribbean Member States and Associate Members and their respected World Heritage properties to have Management Plans which reflect current threats to cultural and natural heritage, and specifically those associated with natural disasters.

In order to address these risks, the Cluster Office will  provide funding to assist updating of the disaster risk management (DRM) and climate change component of their Management Plan, or to include where missing, and also develop relevant monitoring indicators. It is expected that this DRM/CC component should be able to function as a stand-alone document where the Management Plan can be or is outdated and not yet updated.

This initiative is being developed in support of the five objectives identified in the Strategy for Reducing Risks from Disasters at World Heritage Properties. These are:

–              Strengthen support within relevant global, regional, national, and local institutions for reducing risks at World Heritage properties;

–              Use knowledge, innovation, and education to build a culture of disaster prevention at World Heritage properties;

–              Identify, assess, and monitor disaster risks at World Heritage properties;

–              Reduce underlying risk factors at World Heritage properties;

–              Strengthen disaster preparedness at World Heritage properties for effective response at all levels.

The Pitons Management Area has been chosen as one of the pilot World Heritage properties in the Caribbean to implement this activity. The Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO will work alongside the PMA Office and PMA Advisory Committee to ensure the successful implementation of this activity.


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