In an effort to restore ecosystem services and integrate the ecosystem management approach, the Department of Forestry in collaboration with First Caribbean Bank CIBC held a tree planting event in Morne Citon. Assessments carried out by the Department of Forestry revealed evidence of over-utilization of resources for livelihoods in the area, which has the potential to result in a loss of resource base. The forest reserve was intentionally cleared for the production of charcoal and planting of agricultural crops. The activity saw the transplanting of approximately 300 trees with an eye toward combating deforestation.

Country Manager of First Caribbean Bank Saint Lucia, Nigel Olivier, said that this initiative comes at a fitting time as the bank celebrates its 100th year of Banking in the Caribbean.

“We wanted to do something significant and long-lasting and something that would contribute to keeping a greener space,” he said.

The event saw many other national agencies and NGO’s coming together in solidarity for the cause.

Acting Chief Forest Officer, Alywin Dornelly, said the tree planting campaign also aims to help raise environmental awareness and shed light on the importance of the protection of natural resources.

Mr. Dornelly encouraged the public to continue to adhere to regulations put in place by the Department of Forestry, as the forest reserve and protected forests system of the country are intended to perform essential functions such as safeguarding and regulating the island’s water supply, preventing soil erosion and landslides.


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