A Texas law was passed in the name of Botham Jean. Governor Greg Abbott signed the Botham Jean bill (HB 929) also known as “Bo’s Law” on Wednesday 16th June 2021 in Austin, Texas. Representative Carl Sherman authorized HB 929 and shared the news to his twitter page.

The citizens of St. Lucia were dishearten and devastated when native Botham Jean was gunned down in his own apartment by off duty officer Amber Guyger, on September 06th 2018.  Guyger and Jean lived in the same building with Jean a floor higher than her. Guyger expressed to officers that she believed Jean to be an intruder after pulling out her gun to shoot him. Guyger was sentenced to ten years in prison one year later.

This bill makes it illegal for officers to turn their body cameras off whilst investigating.

After its third reading a unanimous vote was made with 108 in favor of the bill passing.


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One thought on “Texas Law Passed In The Name Of Botham Jean”
  1. I am very disappointed in the Law. If it was the other way wrong what would have been the penalty? This won’t bring back our BLACK BOY
    BOTHAM back to his love ones.

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