On Wednesday, June 16th, 2021, Chief Executive Officer of Export Saint Lucia, Ms. Sunita Daniel, signed  a Memorandum of Understanding with Ms. Keithlin Caroo, Founder and President of Helen’s Daughters. 

“Helen’s Daughters (HD) is an Empower Women (UN Women) project based in Saint Lucia to promote  the principles of rural women’s economic empowerment through social change. The project was coined  Helen’s Daughters as the name Helen holds a significance in Saint Lucian society; with the island first  being called the ‘Helen of the West Indies'”. HD has embarked on strategic initiatives to educate and  monetize the efforts of Saint Lucian women and youth who grow and harvest agricultural produce. 

Export Saint Lucia, whose mandate is to promote local products (goods and services) in external  markets, has come alongside the organization to lead activities related to export development through  advocacy, dissemination of information, and barriers to trade at national and international levels. Through this agreement, Export Saint Lucia endeavors to explore every opportunity to showcase the  agricultural produce of Saint Lucian women and girls to prospective domestic and international buyers,  and in so doing, assist Helen’s Daughters to meet their goal of rural women’s economic empowerment. 

During Wednesday’s signing, the founder and President of Helen’s Daughters, Ms. Keithlin Caroo,  highlighted the importance of the affiliation with Export Saint Lucia. She indicated, “there’s a strong  need for investment and support in up scaling the labor force, particularly in the agricultural sector with  a keen focus on the more marginalized groups like women and youth. I believe that the partnership  between Export Saint Lucia and Helen’s Daughters is the dawn of a new era and will be the first step in  ensuring the full participation of women and youth in our export markets.”  

According to the CEO of Export Saint Lucia, Ms. Sunita Daniel, the agency is looking forward to increasing  the capabilities of Helen’s Daughters. She said, “we have been admiring Helen’s Daughters for a while. I  think it is groundbreaking and phenomenal the work that the organization has been doing with our rural  women and girls in agriculture and women empowerment. One of the initiatives that we are eager to  get underway is helping Helen’s Daughters access new markets for the sale and exports of their  produce. Export Saint Lucia remains keen on further developing the goods and services coming from  Saint Lucia, and this MOU with Helen’s Daughters is another solid step in that direction.” 


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