St Lucians are poised for the upcoming general election as Prime Minister Allen Chastanet announced the date of the next general election in his address to the nation on July 5th 2021.

The PM in his address stated that in keeping with the constitution he had advised the Governor General to dissolve the Parliament of St Lucia and issue the writs of election.

“Given the desperate attempts by some who appear in a hurry and hunger for power, I find myself having to remind them parliamentary term is five years from the first sitting of the house which was on July 12, 2016, and that the date of election sits squarely within the discretion of the prime minister.”

He stated that even though his party has been ready for some time he had three important considerations which factored into his decision for calling the election.

“Firstly, we are very close to the resolution of the IMPACS matter after years of negotiations with the United States government, and it was critical for me as your Prime Minister to resolve this critical and long standing issue which has so negatively affected our police force and our entire country for so many years. Secondly, looking at the fall out in other Caribbean islands which held elections during COVID, I was deeply concerned about a possible massive outbreak which could overwhelm our healthcare system. Thirdly and very importantly, I have been very concerned about the many disruptions which our school children have suffered over the past eighteen months and only recently settled back into a normal school routine. As you all know, many schools are used as polling stations and the time to have them ready for an election, sanitized and reorganized thereafter as classrooms would require a disruption of about a week.”

After his explanation for the delay for election, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet announced the date of the general election. He said that the general elections will be held on July 26th 2021 and that the nomination day will be July 16, 2021.

The PM encouraged St Lucians to treat each other with respect and kindness during the campaign.

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