Vieux Fort Emergancy Personnel Avlen Simeon Wishes to honor a young man of Morne Andrew, Belle Vue, Vieux Fort for his bravery and call which he made to the Vieux Fort Fire Station.This has made Avlen Simeon more passionate about her job as a fire fighter.  This is the Story:


When you think of a hero, who do you think of? A firefighter?  A police officer?  A character with superhuman powers, Well, the truth is that heroes come in all forms, shape, age, size, gender and ethnicity. My first few months working in the fire service (early 2017) I encountered a call that made me grow a deeper passion for the job. A faithful afternoon a call came in ” vieux fort fire station simeon speaking how may I assist you” a child responded ” I want the ambulance to come an take my grandfather” I ask “what is wrong with your grandfather and what’s your location” , it was complete silence I said “hello are you there” after a good few seconds he responds “yes yess my grandfather he going to die I think he bleeding”, I ask “what is wrong with your grandfather tell me what you can see” he said “he have the ‘sik'(Diabetes)” I said “he has what!” “yes he have the ‘sik he taking medicine for it’ ” I said “oh ok he has diabetes* he then confirmed yes. The boy went silent again…” hello what is your grandfather doing now where is he bleeding?” I ask “he fall by the pak kochon and burst his head he not talking” … “ok young boy What is your location?” , silence again! at this point I was starting to believe it was a prank call… But I continued on the call “young boy this is the fire station are you sure you have an emergency” no response again…. “Hello Can you tell me your name” he replied —- I said “what is your grandfather’s name” he said —-I ask him where he lived he said morne Andrew (belle Vue vieux fort) “when you’ll coming stop by a shop by the Catholic Church ask for my aunty —-tell her my grandfather fall” I then dispatch the ambulance crew to location with all the information received. I now ask the Young boy why he keeps going silent he said ” I putting the phone down to dry the blood” I ask can u give me details on what exactly you can see now and what happened before the grandfather fell. He said “he say he was ‘toudi’ (dizzy) if u don’t know what toudi is ask somebody eh after he say that he fall and hit his head on the side of the ‘pak kochon’ so i move my shirt and put it on his head cause I see blood” I told him continue to apply pressure to the Injury check for breathing and a pulse he followed through, his grandfather was breathing and had a pulse.. After four minutes I told him I will call back because I can see The number and the ambulance is on its way he said “noo noo noo the phone have ‘kredi'(credit)” in a crying tone. As the conversation continued he kept asking are we on our way I assured him the ambulance is on its way and will be with him shortly and his grandfather is going to be ok. I ask him can he go wait by the road to signal the ambulance he insisted noo he will not leave his grandfather alone and once we pick up his Aunty from the shop on our way we will find him. I told him ok I remained on the call with him, as he continued to remain calm… The ambulance crew gave an update via Telecom set that they indeed found the aunty in the shop and are continuing on the call. I then relayed the information to the Young boy that the ambulance found his aunty and should be with him shortly. All I heard him say yes he can hear the ambulance siren and the sound of his footsteps running then the call ended…. Upon return the ambulance crew indicated that the caller looked no older than 8 years old. At that point I felt some achievement and proud of myself and the young boy. This Young boy is indeed a true hero and a brave one also. He placed the call,did bleeding control, gave direction, He was also able to give medical history of his grandfather, his name, grandfathers name and a next of kin… His aunt said that he was not taught to do all this in case of an emergency but on that faithful day a life threatening emergency arise and he handled it extremely well. 



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