We have people whom we admire and consider to be highly inspirational to look upon, in my case Aunty Jill captured this spotlight. On Tuesday May,18th 2021 my colleague and I were greeted with one of the warmest smiles upon arrival at work. Probably one of the warmest we encounter on a daily basis. In a sweet and mellow voice, she said, “Good morning, I am here to meet the Famous Champagne!” “I make it my duty to call his show every morning.” “I need to meet the man behind the voice.”  She stated that she was a bit tired after walking from Castries to our studio which is located on the John Compton Highway, behind the traffic department building. The eighty-four-year-old was extremely energetic. Her dedication to meeting her favorite host was impeccable. Without hesitation we made sure we fulfilled that request.  With no doubt we tried to surpass our fans expectations, she was featured on ‘Champagne In Morning’ show as a guest that very same day.


Our fans from our social media platforms were indeed overwhelmed by her presence.

We are always ecstatic as a team to make dreams come true here at GVD in collaboration with SKY FM. Little things like this one can leave an everlasting impression on one’s soul. Aunty Jill continue to do what you do and you are always welcome at our studio. See you soon.


Great Vision Design’s aim continues to be building our network to provide consistently high standards of service, experiences, and facilities, ensuring that our viewer’s and customers are satisfied with quality and professionalism at all times.

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