On Friday May 14, 2021, Minister of Education Dr. Gayle TC Rigobert accompanied by Ms. Michelle Charles her PS in the Ministry of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations visited the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, where they were warmly welcomed by the staff and the Principal Dr. Keith Nurse. Dr. Nurse has served in that post for the past eighteen months. Dr. Rigobert stated that during this time the College has made some significant strides and transformational changes, including the nomenclature and content of various courses.

The new Derek Walcott Library was one of their stops and they also learnt of some of the amazing things happening at the college with respect to the Digital Academy, the Innovation Hub which will consist of four sub labs; an environmental sciences lab, a food tech lab for agro processing, testing and certification, a media tech lab for the teaching learning and developing of apps and robotics and a virtual reality lab.

The SALCC has also revamped its Associate Degree Program and has introduced four new Bachelor’s Degree programs. Rigobert says that she is also quite happy to hear that the school’s intake over the last year has increased.

You can learn more about the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College by visiting https://salcc.edu.lc/

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