Let The Cat Out The Bag!


On his weekly show, Inside Castries South East (airing on Sky Fm and GVD TV ) Hon. Minister Guy Joseph,  Parliamentary Representative of Castries South East has called on the Leader of the Opposition ( St Lucia Labor Party) to release whatever information that he has against him. This comes amidst the claim by the Leader of the opposition, Hon. Phillip J. Pierre on a popular talk show, that he has information on what Mr. Joseph said that angered Mr. Joachim Henry causing him to confront Mr. Joseph during a church service on April 24th, 2021. Mr. Henry is contesting the Castries South East seat against Mr. Joseph.

Mr. Pierre indicated that he had chosen not to release the information due to it not being appropriate for listeners or to be played on air. Mr. Joseph has invited the leader of the opposition to make public the information that he has for the purpose of clarity and transparency for the St. Lucian public.

Mr. Joseph has given the SLP leader until Monday 17th, May 2021 to share the the proof that he claims to have with the public. The failure to do so will bring to question the legitimacy of Mr. Pierre’s claim for which Mr. Joseph has stated that he will not tolerate further tarnishing of his reputation.


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