On Friday, July 2, 2021, St Lucia experienced the passage of Elsa a category one hurricane. Parts of the island experienced severe flooding, damages to homes and infrastructure. It also impacted the utility services across the island.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet reported that most of the damage was within the agricultural sector with an estimated loss of $34, 000,000 worth of crops. He also stated that the education sector experienced damages to schools and some CDC buildings.

“Eight of the buildings, the roofs were badly damaged but thirteen buildings were impacted all together. In terms of individual households we are still doing a full assessment. I believe the teams are still on the ground determining how many homes were actually impacted.”

Though there were infrastructural damage it was very minimal compared to recent times. Minister of Infrastructure, Honorable Stevenson King, reported that the estimated value for the damages experienced is valued at $714,255.00. He also stated that this figure can be rounded to one million as the damage that has been done is in the preliminary stage of assessment.

“It is likely that there are issues that we may not have picked up in the initial assessment. We are looking at one million dollars in damage throughout the country. The fact is most of what we’ve seen is really as a consequence of fallen trees, fallen utility poles, etc, which has inflicted some minimal damages.”

In 2018 the island was hit by tropical storm Kirk which also created major damage to the agriculture sector. Kirk left about 80–90% of the island’s banana crop in ruin. Honorable Ezechiel Joseph the minister responsible for agriculture said that the estimate given by the PM is also preliminary.

“Unfortunately I am agreeing that the sector that was hardly hit is agriculture. The banana industry, the plantain farmers, the livestock industry was also hit. Our green house farmers got severe damages, our fisher folks also, some of them got impacted negatively.”

A 58 year old man resident of Soufriere, identified as Peter Victor lost his life during the hurricane. This is the only recorded death reported as a result of Hurricane Elsa.

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