The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports in collaboration with the Mon Repo Youth and Sports Council, presented Vitus Peter, CEO of Great Vision Designs Television (GVD TV) with the Youth in Media award during their Youth Appreciation Ceremony on June 13, 2021.

Peter said, “I wasn’t expecting this, I really wasn’t, but I am happy that I was chosen.”

His passion for the media blossomed into one of the most popular TV channels in St Lucia. Peter launched his TV Channel in 2018 making him the youngest CEO in media in St Lucia. The channel is known for live coverage on island and abroad. Persons close to him have dubbed him “The Baby Genius in Media” because of his innate ability to solve technical issues that most people in media find difficult.

The most recent achievement of the company was a collaboration with Sky FM.

Peter thanks the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and the Mon Repo Youth and Sports Council for the recognition of his hard work and dedication in the media.


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