More than 6,900 households across Guyana have been severely affected after a widespread flooding.

Forecasts suggest that the heavier-than-normal rainy season — which has already been blamed for the severe flooding — could continue into July.

Government estimates Kwakwani, as one of the regions that has been hit the hardest since 1961.One video footage taken from a boat shows water stretching for what appears to be miles along a waterfront road, reaching more than halfway up two-story houses.

Officials have said that the flooding could exacerbate the spread of Convid-19 and could lead to other health complications, if residence cannot find clean food and water. The destruction of crops, homes and livestock could also lead to economic devastation for some families in the hard-hit regions of the country.

The government of Guyana said that Exxon Mobil , which began to sell the first cargoes of Guyanese Oil last year after making a bet on the country’s offshore oil supply, had donated about $50,000 to relief efforts.  Over the last 15 days, government officials has deployed teams to assess the damage and has confirmed that many areas remain inundated.







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