On his show Inside Castries South East on Sky FM and GVD TV, Mr. Guy Joseph made the statement that his opponent in the next general election Mr. Joaquin Henry, who had taken offence to being called his friend, had approached him in the past with a request for a favour.

Minister Joseph stated that Mr. Henry had come to him claiming he had done some work but the contract was on another individual’s name who was currently off island. 

According to Mr. Joseph, Mr. Henry requested that he assist him in getting the payment/ cheque made out to him. 

The statement comes after much public uproar and opinion when Mr. Henry confronted Mr. Joseph during a church service on April 24th, 2021.  During the incident in which Mr. Henry and his wife entered the church, shouts and insults were hurled at Mr. Joseph, repeatedly calling him ‘wicked’ among other words. 

As part of the exposure of misuse of resources and reports of wastage by the former administration on various projects; the minister described the opposition St.  Lucia Labor Party as misleading and lying to the St. Lucian public.

Mr. Joseph also spoke of a particular minister  from the opposition having a cheque cashed in the amount of $33,500.00 for a project one day before the contract for that project was actually signed.

This occurred while the St. Lucia Labor Party was in power.

Mr. Joseph expressed that in reference to the Labour party, one should not throw stones when one’s house is made entirely of glass.

The MP reiterated the need for better leadership and representation than what exists within the St. Lucia Labour Party. 

He ended by saying that he is officially starting his campaign for the upcoming general elections.


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