Prime Minister Allen Chastnet took to his facebook page as he expressed how important his government takes education and how providing the platform will enable all citizens of Saint Lucia to attain their full human potential. He also stated that education constitutes as an investment in our people, our future and towards the new Saint Lucia the government is committed to building.

The PM went on to list numerous initiatives made by his government that co-inside with his statement:

-Increasing the school rehabilitation budget from $1 Million to $10 Million a year


-Doubled the Budget for the School Feeding and School Transportation Program


-Distributed over 8000 Tablets and 4000 MIFI devices to students and teachers


-Increased the number of scholarships available to local students by 100%


-Constructed the New Dennery Primary School


-Constructed the New Choiseul Secondary School


-Commenced establishing Smart Classrooms within schools across the island


-Increased the number of Back to School Bursaries to vulnerable families


-Commenced Construction of a New SMART Block for Micoud Secondary which is in progress


-Supported the introduction of 4 Bachelor’s Degree Program at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in the areas of Business Administration, Public Health, Environmental Studies and Sustainable Tourism


-Constructed the New Monchy Early Childhood Development Centre, the New Jacmel Early Childhood Development Centre and the New Micoud Early Childhood Development Centre


-Introduced the Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) which includes the construction of 3 new schools and a new Special Needs Learning Institution among other initiatives


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