Renius Dorville a 48 year old man residing in the community of Desruisseaux, was left homeless on July 28, 2020, when he returned from a day’s work to see his house being demolished.

Dorville says he has been living on the land from the day he was born. He says he knows no other home. He had even raised his own children there.

He said that is where he grew up and that’s the only place he knows as home. He also mentioned that when his house needed to be renovated, he got help from the government to renovate it.

He said that sometime last year he was approached by someone who claimed to be from the courts. He said the man gave him papers to come to court.

He said the land is government land and his mother was instructed to acquire the relevant documents to make the land hers. His mother passed away before she had the chance to do it.

Dorville was in tears as he watched the remains of his house. He has nowhere to go and was concerned about his belongings getting wet if it should rain.




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