Press Release:- During Saint Lucia’s May Reading Month, educators saw an increase in reading amongst early grade students. Limited movement during this time may have sparked an expanded variety of reading activities and the production of reading videos by students across Saint Lucia.

Teachers and students were engaged in the creation of over 300 reading activity videos and photos, including ‘story time’ reading, “why I love reading” videos, reading comprehension competitions, reading dance videos and expositions throughout the month.

Ms. Leandra Lionel of the Anse La Raye Infant school took the initiative to host a virtual reading exposition showcasing students who created their own ‘Read Alouds’ at home.

Many of the students recorded themselves reading with the help of their parents/caregivers.

Ms. Lionel indicated that she normally gives the students reading assignments as part of their language instruction. However, for Reading Month, she compiled their ‘Read Alouds’ to broadcast their excellent reading skills.

Another interesting initiative came from Ms. Alvina Denis, Literacy Coordinator at the Saltibus RC Combined School. For Reading Month, Ms. Denis challenged her grade two students to discuss their thoughts and feelings about reading.

Her students, with help from parents/caregivers, recorded themselves talking about how they feel about reading, and a beautiful compilation video was created displaying the students’ efforts.

Reflecting on the numerous activities and videos emanating from early grade students during Reading Month, Angel Caglin, Early Learners Programme (ELP) National Focal Point for Saint Lucia said,

“ I am pleased to see so many of our early grade children enjoying reading with a comfort level and confidence that we do not always see in the classroom. The activities have facilitated a level of independent learning amongst the young students that contributes to all areas of work. Teachers, parents/caregivers and students really went above and beyond for Saint Lucia’s Reading Month to engage in reading activities and to allow the students to really shine.”

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