On Thursday May 28, the Saint Lucia Early Learners Program of the Department of Education hosted a Book Launch at the Finance Administration Center. This event supported the year’s Reading Month theme: Readers as Creators. Eighteen (18) published texts, written by a total of nineteen (19) students and teachers, were on display, and authors received their personal copies to share with family and friends.

The books were published by Caribbean Reads, as part of the OECS USAID Early Learners Program’s Write to Read initiative, which began in 2017. One of the aims of this initiative was to develop locally made reading resources so that students of the OECS can have access to authentic, relevant reading material to enhance their learning and love of reading.

The books ranged in topics; from music, to poetry about Saint Lucia and its culture, to children’s experiences such as district road races, hot air balloons, super heroes, family experiences, and animals. Copies of these published books will be made available to all Infant and Primary Schools in Saint Lucia. Our authors’ books have also been distributed to all Infant and Primary schools in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada and Dominica. 


Our published authors are:

Trezure Charlery 

Angelique Marquis

Tizyana Mclelland 

Ryn-Kyj Pytty Xyzy King

Angel Thornill

Matej Tobias 

Joi Wells 

Desiree Francois 

Haelee Stevens

Dawn French

Cornelia Lubin

Sharlen Pologne-Edgar

Cecilie Desir

Pearl Tench

Elizabeth John

Elaine Lewis and Grade Three class

Donalyn Constatine

Sebrina Preville 



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