Press Release: As the United Nations’ membership of about 193 countries celebrate Public Service Day today, Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the Department of Home Affairs and National Security views the occasion as a very opportune time to remind the public servants who fall under the aegis of the Department of Home Affairs and National Security of just how vital their contributions are to Saint Lucia ‘s survival; especially throughout the corona-virus pandemic.

The permanent secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey says that it is a pleasure to pay tribute to the front-line workers in particular as they have had to go beyond the call of duty. The Minister of Home Affairs and National Security Senator the Honourable Hermangild Francis has also commended the hard work and exemplary performance of the Police, the Fire and Emergency services personnel, the officers and management of the Bordelais Correctional Facility and all civilian staff.

According to the Permanent Secretary – quote: “The staff of all of our respective organizations or units have risen to the occasion. They have really been determined in their professionalism despite the unique challenges presented by the pandemic which confronted them in 2020 and has spilled over into 2021. The staff has sacrificed in terms of man hours, time with family and personal time to respond to the increased demands of their jobs. They have worked diligently within the contexts of the pandemic and may sometimes feel unappreciated. As we celebrate Public Service Day 2021, under the theme “the work landscape – post pandemic” we want to show appreciation for their contributions and invaluable service to the country.” End of quote.

This year’s celebration will be marked by departmental staff appreciation and recognition activities.



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