Comprehensive Assessment of Hydrologic and Hydraulic solutions of Soufriere.

On Tuesday November 3rd 2019. The government of Saint Lucia through the department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy has engaged a firm to undertake a comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic flood risk assessment in Soufriere, including Fond St. Jacques as part of the disaster vulnerability reduction project.

The department of Infrastructure, Port and Energy has the responsibility of coordinating and managing this component of thedisaster vulnerability reduction project.

A contract was signed between the Government of Saint Lucia and Alpha Engineering and Design, to carry out the assessment and work commenced on September 16th, 2019

The objective of this consultancy is to develop suitable sustainable engineering designs that will mitigate against flooding in the identified communities.

A team of the consultant’s surveyors are currently working on the ground in Soufriere.Residents are asked to be aware of these activities and to accommodate the team members especially in instances when they may require access to your private properties for the purpose of the Assessment.

The cooperation of the public and residence is solicited and appreciated.

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