Head on meeting between American President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is schedule to take place on June 16th 2021 in Switzerland. Biden initially proposed a summit with the Russian President last month, during a telephone call, and since then the two have been working to finalize details.  The long anticipated meeting will come after the conclusion of Biden’s first international trip since taking in office. President Joe Biden has previously met with Putin during his time as Vice President in 2011.

History has confirmed challenges between the two countries on issues like Ukraine, election interference and jailing Russian opposition leader  Alexy Navalny, the Solarwinds hack and its alleged placing of bounties  on the US troops serving in Afghanistan.

Putin has appeared receptive to the offer, even after the  US applied harsh  new sanctions and other punishments on Russia.

The American President   hopes to clear the channel of communication that would avoid undue surprises . The leaders will discuss the full range of pressing issues, as they seek to restore the predictability  and stability to the US and Russia relationship



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