Few people get it right on their first trial for success. Shanice Taylor, a Barbadian entrepreneur is one such person. Her story is one of those rare occurrences of fate that leads to fortune.

Taylor the mother of three, had a retail business in Barbados which got affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. In October 2020 she was inspired by her friend’s mother to learn crochet. Taylor said that at first it wasn’t easy to learn but she kept trying until two days after she got it mastered.

Seven months into her newly found skill Taylor went world-wide, having thousands of customers all over the world. She owes this kind of exposure to one of her crochet dresses being featured on the cover of British Vogue, worn by fellow Barbadian native and music-entrepreneur mogul Rihanna.

While promoting her latest addition to her Fenty Skin, Butta Drop, Rihanna shared a photo of herself in Taylor’s crochet dress. This was an instant exposure for Taylor’s business. Rihanna received this crochet dress from a friend for her birthday. Taylor explained that during quarantine in 2020 she approached Melissa, who is a friend of Rihanna. She said that she asked her if she was interested in purchasing a crochet swim suit. Melissa not only ordered a swim suit, she also ordered a dress which she gave Rihanna for her birthday.

In an interview with Barbados today Taylor said “I hope it goes really far. I’m just going to keep doing it and hopefully, it takes off from here.”

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