Bank of St Lucia and St Lucia Workers credit Union partner in historic collaboration to provide credit Union members with contactless debit cards. A small ceremony with stakeholders last week marked the official launch of this new milestone, the birth of the St Lucia Workers Credit Union VISA Card power by BOSL.

In 2020, Bank of St Lucia launched its Contactless VISA Credit and Debit Cards. Today, the financial institution is extending this important convenience banking service to members of the St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union by way of this partnership. According to Deputy Managing Director, Lyndon Arnold, accessibility to one’s funds is important and a priority for every financial institution and BOSL is extremely excited to share this innovation with the staff and members of the St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union.

In addition to being able to access funds at all Bank of Saint Lucia ATMs, local ATMs and one million ATMs worldwide, card holders will be able to shop online and make use of card to make purchases locally and worldwide. The President and General Manager of the Credit Union were present and shared their zeal and appreciation for the project finally coming to fruition.

Member of the St Lucia Workers Credit Union, Leslie Collymore, says that despite the fact that people see credit unions as a savings institution, it’s equally important to be able to give members that option.

Since the advent of COVID-19, Bank of Saint Lucia has launched and implemented a plethora of technologically advanced initiatives aimed at improving convenience and safety for customers. Customers can expect to hear more exciting news of new services and partnerships in the near future.

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