We are now in the 2021 hurricane season and St Lucians are being urged to take extra precautionary measure this season.

The Colorado State University in their April 2021 anticipated that there will be 17 named storms out of which 8 will develop into major hurricanes.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOA), predicts a 70% probability of above normal cyclone activities this year. They are expecting the formation of 13 -20 named storms of which 6-10 will become hurricanes including 3-5 major hurricanes.


The Tropical Storm Risk out of the United Kingdom has predictions for 18 named storms, 9 of which will attain hurricane strength and 4 of them will become major hurricanes.

Andre Joyeux, Director of the St Lucia Meterological Center  encourages St Lucians to consistently follow regional weather developments and pay particular attention to local weather reports, advisories and bulletins issued by the St Lucia Met. Services.


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